Treating from Rooms at Specialist Dr Ron Granot’s Neurology Centre, Bondi Junction

2014 has been an amazing year of developing my clinic with some exciting changes to report!damien2

I’ve been treating for over 3 years at the Gp on Ebley Medical Centre in Bondi Junction. However there was a clear and obvious call to change in the air. I made some great friends there but by the end of this year that sense of change was a must do! Sometimes you just have to respond.

The very lovely Natalie, clinic manager at Dr Ron’s, suggested I could take up rooms at the Neurology Centre. It was a great opportunity to take a new step in my career. I get a few referrals from the great neurology specialist there. He thought it was a great idea. Neurology, by the way, is a subspecialty of medicine dealing with the diseases of the brain, nerves and muscles. So I help with migraines, headaches and peripheral neuropathy issues, and general pain issues, on a regular basis.

The new rooms are a lot more dedicated. By this I mean that the general hustle and bustle of busy GP practice has been replaced with a focused stillness. The most noticeable difference is a strong sense of calm and serenity in these rooms. People receiving treatments have stated this to me and the whole environment is calm and creates a lovely healing response, even in myself.

It was also a great opportunity to upgrade everything: Brand new, fresh towels and sheets (organic white cotton). New procedures (a central clinical management software tool that I control) and a brand new treatment table. The table was the widest and most comfortable available. It makes a lovely difference for treatments.

I am also looking forward to having HICAPS functionality (instant health fund rebates) and finally the addition of an inspirational offsider. Wendy Hee will be assisting me in clinic and making it run fun J Too much to say about this awesome can do person. But awesome is the word.


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