Patient Outcome Surveys: Soon

post meeting prof spig, shane, kim

Here’s a St Vincent’s Hospital, Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Wellness Centre selfie with myself, Professor Allan Spigelman (Director, Cancer Services, St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney), Shane Rendalls (Managing Director AKABA Pty Ltd, Conjoint Associate Lecturer UNSW, Faculty of Medicine, Research Consultant) & Kimberley Au (Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Clinical Trials Co-ordinator).

This Tuesday turned out to be one of the busiest acupuncture days so far. Practice and an important meeting squeezed in.

Since I began at the Wellness Centre, with acupuncture for cancer support, the emphasis has been with evidence based medicine, research and driving positive outcomes to establish the centre as a centre of excellence.

We continue with the beginning stages of patient outcome surveys. This will be information gathered from patients to assess their journey outcomes.

After several meetings myself, Professor Spigelman and research consultant Shane Rendalls have nutted out the best surveys to use, ideas of questions, length of questions and how to administer them. Later joined by Kim, who has lots of trial experience.

On Monday we met in the Wellness Centre clinic waiting room as patients came and went while I popped up and did acupuncture treatments! Slightly hectic, but a lot of fun. Not only is it great to be doing acupuncture at St Vincents, I am also breathing life into this clinic as I continue to spearhead its development and drive engagement with the rest of the hospital.

Soon these surveys will role out, creating more evidence for acupuncture treatment.


The information outlined on this website is based on current best evidence research and clinical practice.

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