Pain of the shoulder, neck, elbow, hand, knee, ankle and foot.

Neck/ Shoulder/ Leg/ Foot/ Hand

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There are many areas of the body that are susceptible to pain. They are treated successfully in much the same way as back pain with local points and distal points. In 2005, a Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) trial examined the effect of acupuncture for pain relief on patients at the Emergency Department of The Northern Hospital in Melbourne and acupuncture was shown to be a potentially effective therapy for acute pain management. This led to a three-year National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funded project to treat acute migraine, back pain and ankle injuries led by Professor Marc Cohen and Professor Charlie Xue.4,5

Building on this project, The Northern Hospital has an acupuncture outpatient clinic for headache, facial, neck, limb and muscular pain.6 Bondi Acupuncture uses the same techniques as this clinic to assist your issues.

The information outlined on this website is based on current best evidence research and clinical practice.

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