Headache / Migraine

Headache / Migraine

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Damien receives a lot of referrals from a leading Sydney neurologist and treats patients seeking an alternative to medication, surgery or for a reduction of side-effects from medication.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal reported acupuncture helps reduce the number of days that people suffer with a migraine and may have lasting effects. The study involved 500 adults that were treated with traditional Chinese acupuncture and a sham treatment of
nonspecific points over 4 weeks. Participants didn’t know which type of treatment they were receiving. On conclusion of the trial, migraine days were reduced by half during treatments and one month after the trial migraine frequency and intensity were reported as lower.7

In another recent trial it was demonstrated that acupuncture was more effective than valproic acid for the treatment of migraines. In a randomized study of 100 people, migraine patients were divided into an acupuncture group and a valproic acid group. The acupuncture study group received a total of 20 acupuncture treatments and the valproic acid group was administered a regular dose of 600mg per day. An additional 10mg of Rizatriptan was made available to both groups for acute migraine attacks. The acupuncture group required less Rizatriptan and had significantly lower pain intensity levels due to migraines than the valproic acid group. In addition, the acupuncture group showed no adverse side effects whereas the valproic acid group showed 47.8% rate of adverse side effects. The researchers concluded that acupuncture was more effective for the treatment of migraines and has no adverse side effects.


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